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How the Meaning of Home Influences Residential Architecture

The Architect is responsible for generating a built outcome relating to unique concerns of  practicality, legislation, time, budget and brief. How these constraints and opportunities influence the very personal architecture of our houses? What makes a house a home? Our homes have a deep and unique emotional meaning not only reflecting but also affecting who we […]

Beyond the New – A manifesto for Design

A manifesto for design by Hella Jongerius & Louise Schouwenberg:   1. Count the blessings of industry. Industrial processes have greater potential than low-volume productions of exclusive designs, which reach such a limited market that talk of ‘users’ can hardly be taken seriously. Industries can make high-quality products available to many people. We should breathe […]

Interesting Stuff on the Internet

Interesting stuff on the internet is an article sharing my favourite recent online inspiration and distractions. A swarm of 3-D printing, concrete mixing robots called “Minibuilders” explore the possibility of rethinking construction building processes in the near future. 3-D printing architecture is not new, but this method seems more realistic than the other gantry-based systems. Read the full article […]

The Architact Collective Can Create Your Very Own Ring Design!

Eric Chan supported us on Kickstarter by pledging to ‘design his own ring,’ we absolutely love his creation. We wanted to share with you his incredible design. Eric is an Architect from Melbourne, currently living and working in Hong Kong. Below is an interview with Eric who first came across our project on ArchDaily: AC: We love your ring design […]

Create Something Special this Valentine’s: The Architact Collective Do Custom Rings!

Are you an architect or builder? Are you moving home? Are you building a home with your life partner? Are you a supplier or manufacturer? Are you on holiday? Why not collect some brick or concrete from your construction site, family home, office or holiday destination and allow us to transform your material into a truly unique ring. A ring […]

Interesting Stuff On The Internet

Interesting stuff on the internet is an article sharing my favourite recent online inspiration and distractions. The odd psychology of the compassionate crowd is an article with some interesting observations on social psychology and individual and collective identity. Rather than crazes, Michael Bond depicts the crowd composed of highly co-operative individuals driven who share a common goal and objective. […]

TonyTextures Architecture Visualization Competition Giveaway

The visualization of architecture is important – it starts with a simple pencil sketch or Photoshop illustration and concludes with a 3D CAD or photorealistic rendering. Regardless of the project size a large library of architecture visualization graphics including plants, trees, people, sky, background images and textures is a must when it comes to time efficiency and project workflow. […]

New Architecture in Sydney Contending for a Place Among the Icons: Part 2

1. Sydney convention, exhibition and entertainment precinct Re-development (Under Construction) by Hassell, Populous + Others. This project encompasses the $1 billion transformation of Darling Harbour though the design of three major public buildings including a new convention facility, a new exhibition space and new entertainment theatre. The 11.5 ha re-development also includes the unification of […]

New Architecture in Sydney Contending for a Place Among the Icons: Part I

Located on the east coast of Australia and situated on the water, Sydney is a stunning harbor city. As Australia’s leading metropolis, Sydney is the go-to destination for international corporations, tourists, and students. The city is not characterized by any one architecture style, but by a juxtaposition of architecture that spans the breadth of the […]

Finding Happiness in the Handmade – Our Favourite Makers in Melbourne

For the following two weekends the Architact Collective have attended two pre-christmas market locations. There could have been no better start to the festive season than by surrounding ourselves with some incredible designers, makers and entrepreneurs, these are our peers who equally motivate and inspire us to do what we do. When talking with these designers we […]