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5 of America’s Greatest Living Architects

From buildings to bridges to awe-inspiring private homes, professional architecture is part of the fabric of American society. Long after individual architects are gone, their work lives on for millions to enjoy. Fortunately, many of the most noteworthy American architects are still living and can relish in the thought that they have created both beautiful […]

Amazonia Pier; Manufacturing an Architecture of Pleasure

I have recently been chatting with graduate and all round legend, Julien Nolin. I came across his amazing portfolio and wanted to share one of his projects entitled Amazonia Pier. “Come experience the Amazon Without going into the Amazon!” The wonders of the Amazon, may not be what you would expect. It might come as a […]

How To Come Up With Great Ideas

At the heart of a successful business is a great idea but where do they come from? Great ideas don’t come on command and that leaves a lot of people asking the same question: How did they get the inspiration for that great idea? And how can we work the same magic? My advise it to turn to the […]

6 Alternatives to Architectural Practice

Recent Architecture graduate Orli Hakanoglu recently wrote a fantastic article featuring the Architact Collective. We are absolutely honoured for the feature and wanted to share her writing for those who may have missed it on Architizer: Architecture school isn’t just about learning how to build buildings. Research, digital modeling, material experimentation and prototyping are just […]

New Website Coming Soon and we are celebrating with 50% off Everything

We are expanding and celebrating the launch of our new website (coming soon) with 50% off EVERYTHING over at architactcollective.com ….Absolutely everything! Our super sale for a limited time only is our way of saying thank you for your legendary support in 2015/2016. Head over to www.architactcollective.com for all things concrete, brick and timber! Head on over now for 50% off […]

50% off EVERYTHING….Absolutely everything @ architactcollective.com

www.architactcollective.com are celebrating the new financial year with 50% off EVERYTHING….Absolutely everything! Our super sale is our way of saying thank you for your legendary support in 2015/2016. Looking for a gift? head over to www.architactcollective.com for all things concrete, brick and timber! Or…Treat yo’ Self! Take action; Head on over now for 50% off EVERYTHING architactcollective.com for […]

Don’t Panic When Your Domestic Appliance Breaks Down

Everyday life can be extremely stressful, which is why the last thing you want when you get home from work is to discover your washing machine or refrigerator has broken. You want to get the necessary tasks out of the way, such as eating dinner and throwing laundry in the washing machine, and then relax […]

Help me to support major depressive disorders

For the first time ever archi-ninja.com has been nominated in the JDR Industry Blogger Awards for the best Blogger – Architecture category. I am super stoked and honored to be nominated. The last time I won a competition was in 1991 when I scored myself a lady and the tramp color book. I need your […]

Interesting Stuff on the Internet

Interesting stuff on the internet is an article sharing my favourite recent online inspiration and distractions.  Zaha Hadid: As a woman in architecture, I cant describe how personally empowering her strength and beauty was. The sudden passing of Zaha Hadid’s has led to an outpouring of heartfelt tributes from some of the profession’s most prominent figures. A “brave and […]

2016 Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 12 Great Gift Ideas For Great Moms Across The Globe!

To my own mother who has supported me through my never-ending cycle of teenage angst and facilitating every phase of my personal growth and accomplishment; I hope you never feel that you have failed. You are always be my mother and I am always your daughter. Know that through my eyes, my heart and my mind you […]