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Architecture and Parkour – Interview with Mikkel Mølgaard Frandsen Rugaard

A beast in the the body of an academic and architect; Mikkel Mølgaard Frandsen Rugaard is a P.E. teacher, practitioner, architect and designer. In addition to this Mikkel is also the co-owner of Street Movement. He takes part in everything relating to the aesthetics of Street Movement including architectural design, educating, graphics, choreography and staging. Street Movement’s work is […]

Architecture and Parkour

I watched him hop the construction barrier that blocked the “easy” route to the sidewalk for the long months of building. Two quick hops and he continued walking. The herds of people shuffled around the barriers, under the scaffolding, through the curved construction fence and out on the other side, where the young man had […]

Pre-fabricated Construction in Australia

Money, time and space are the three things most of us want or need more of. Nome of which are easy to come by these days, perhaps that is why pre-fabricated construction is on the rise, not only in Australia, but around the globe. The speed and ease with which pre-fabricated buildings can be designed and […]

Interview with Alper Derinbogaz, Salon

Alper Derinboğaz is an architect who lives and practices architecture in Istanbul. Derinboğaz founded Salon in 2009, he also currently runs the architectural design studio at the Istanbul Technical University as an adjunct lecturer. I first came across his early works a few years back including Gate, Panorama and Augmented Structures. In 2011 he received the Arkitera Young Architect Award. Derinboğaz operates in both large […]

The Unseen, Unappreciated Revolution of Industrial Architecture

To those outside the realm of design and architecture, industrial buildings rarely receive a second glance. Industrial buildings today are constructed purely for purpose — to store grain and shelter livestock or protect sand and salt from the weather, among other utilitarian intents. Typically large and lifeless, they are situated in landscape with disregard of surrounding […]

How Smart Technologies are Changing Home Design

Smart technology is changing many aspects of our lives both personally and professionally. Incredibly innovative concepts and ideas that have been dreamt up for decades, often portrayed from a somewhat unobtainable futuristic viewpoint, are now becoming a reality. We’ve always enjoyed the idea of ultramodern devices in our homes and have often pondered the very […]

100 Tips for Architecture Students by Zean Mair-MacFarlane

I have recently been chatting with Zean Mair-MacFarlane who graduated from university in 2014.He completed his Part 1 and Part 2 architecture degrees at the University of Lincoln (United Kingdom). MacFarlane was able to gain a distinction in his Part 2 along with a RIBA Student Silver Medals Nomination. With experience in teaching architecture along with working at […]

Alternative Practices in Architecture

Alternative practices in architecture has been a topic of conversation for some time, this was highlighted in a recent report entitled ‘the Future for Architects‘ published by the RIBA in 2012. The problem however is not recent. The need to develop alternative practices dates back to 1390 and was documented in a book on Western Architecture, entitled ‘De […]

The Architact Collective Now Does Homewares!

I am so excited to release our hand-casted concrete and cork coasters. The concrete for each stackable coaster is collected from construction sites across Melbourne.  The coasters come in sets of six and feature two different personalities. 3 of the coasters are made from rough concrete recessed below the cork face. The other 3 coasters are made […]

Interesting Stuff on the Internet

Interesting stuff on the internet is an article sharing my favourite recent online inspiration and distractions. If a picture tells 1000 words, then is a metaphor is worth 1000 pictures? How to design a metaphor takes a look at how to see the world through words. Michael Erard writes that someone who designs a metaphor isn’t trying to make […]