MTV targets ‘Greenwashing’

Yeah? So just paint it green…
In September MTV Switch instigated a scathing critique of green populism. The ‘Green Song’ is an animated music video which targets companies, politicians and celebrities for their continual contribution to eco-Insincerity. The tune and lyrics alone make this a worthwhile watch!

The Green Song was developed at 180 Amsterdam by creative director Sean Thompson.


2 comments for “MTV targets ‘Greenwashing’”

  • monica melo

    Hi, may you send me the lyric of Greenwashing music please? If you have it, sure ;D
    I had been searching about that, but I couldn’t find yet…
    Thank you

  • admin

    Hi there Monica – thanks for the comment. Here’s the lyrics you are after:

    The environment is dying
    We need a solution fast
    If we don’t devise a big old plan
    it simply will not last
    We don’t to freak anybody out
    We don’t want to make a scene
    We’d rather sweep it under the mat
    but instead we’ll paint it green

    Green, green, green
    We’ll paint it green

    It doesn’t really matter what it is
    or what it does and why it stings
    and what it means as long it is green

    It doesn’t really matter what it burns
    and what it makes and what it kills
    or what it’s for as long as it is green

    Green, green, green
    Let’s make it green

    Politicians feed us crap
    Celebrities are the same
    It’s all about how green they are and
    who deserves to blame

    How green you are not how much you give
    How loved you are is how you live
    So know your greens and think a bit
    Because you don’t have to be green to be green