Smartphone Interior Design: 3 mobile apps for home decorators

Redecorating your home is never as easy as anyone would anticipate. Our world is rapidly changing with advancements in technology. Mobile technology in particular has become an invaluable part of our daily lives and one way of transitioning your house into a dream home is with the use of mobile technology.

Thousands of applications are available on the iPhone or smartphone. So where does one start? Mydecorative recently made a wonderful list of useful apps to help you with your home improvement ideas.

Houzz, a visual community for homeowners and home professionals, has tapped into the mobile market to take part in the home improvement trend. CNN’s Heather Kelly explains that Houzz Interior Design Ideas is a “popular resource for people who idly dream of redoing their homes or moving into new one”. The app isn’t the first of its kind, but it has inspired people to participate in the home improvement craze and search for other mobile applications that can assist them with their design projects.


Other than Houzz, numerous companies have also taken on the mobile platform to breach certain market restraints. One of the first sectors to take their products mobile is the gaming industry. In research conducted by Gaming Realms, the operator of mobile casino PocketFruity, it was revealed that 50% of smartphone usage was dedicated to gaming, yet the other 50% was indicative that consumers were using their smartphones for more than just games. According to Statista, there are 75 billion mobile apps to date, a number that will continue to grow due to the human impulse of having a device in our hands. This attachment to our phones is the reason why many industries, even interior design, can acquire success through mobile technology.

There are other design apps out there that are great for redecorating. For home DIY projects, Handy Many DIY is a must-have on smartphones or tablets. It’s an app that assists you with home improvement endeavours, as it lets users input room measurements so that calculations can be made for paint, wallpaper, flooring and trimmings. Prices of materials can be included as well so that estimations of the project cost can be generated. Other features of this app include shopping lists, video tutorials, and a materials database of frequently used items in particular home projects.

HandyMan-DIYHandy Many DIY

To help you with the floor plan of your home, Home Interior Layout Designer is an app that notes down the dimensions of the room and furniture, giving you the option to rearrange your floor space without having to constantly move furniture around. With this app, you can play with different floor plans without lifting a finger. Of course, once you do decide on a layout, furniture then has to be moved into place.

HomeInteriorLayoutDesignerHome Interior Layout Designer

Advances in mobile technology has created some wonderful advantages for consumers, and with apps listed above, home improvement has never been easier.

Thank you for reading, I’d love to hear about your personal experiences using apps to design your home in the comment section below. 


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