The 10 Longest Construction Projects

The modern building environment has produced typically accelerated construction periods for Architectural projects – Today, the majority is constructed within 3-5 years of project commencement. However, history will show that many high profile construction projects haven’t been so quick to complete.

From 10 to 1, I present to you the Longest Construction projects of all time!

10. The Coliseum

Started: Circa A.D. 70 – Completed: Circa A.D. 80Duration: 10 years
(see Wikipedia entry)


9. Parthenon

Started: Circa 447 B.C. – Completed: Circa 430 B.C. – Duration: 17 years
(see Wikipedia entry)


8. The Great Pyramid of Giza

Started: Circa 2,580 B.C. – Completed: Circa 2,560 B.C. – Duration: 20 years
(see Wikipedia entry)


7. Sacsayhuamán

Started: Circa A.D. 1445 – Completed: Circa A.D. 1508 – Duration: 63 years
(see Wikipedia entry)


6. York Minster Cathedral

Started: A.D.1220 – Completed: A.D. 1472 Duration: 252 years
(see Wikipedia entry)


5. Chicken Itza

Started: Circa A.D. 600 – Completed: Circa A.D. 1000 – Duration: 400 years
(see Wikipedia entry)


4. Angkor Wat

Started: Circa A.D. 802 – Completed: Circa A.D. 1220 – Duration: 418 years
(see Wikipedia entry)


3. Petra

Started: Circa 600 B.C. – Completed: Circa A.D. 250 – Duration: 450 years
(see Wikipedia entry)


2. Stonehenge

Started: Circa 3100 B.C. – Completed: Circa 1500 B.C. – Duration: 1,600 years
(see Wikipedia entry)


1. The Great Wall

Started: Circa 400 B.C. – Completed: Circa A.D. 1600 – Duration: 2,000 years
(see Wikipedia entry)


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6 comments for “The 10 Longest Construction Projects”

  • The Romulans

    A list! This looks like it was hand made for some sort of Digg submission :p

    I was watching a documentary on the Great Wall just the other day – pretty amazing. I never realised it was more than one wall AND apparently you cant really see it from the moon??

  • Frncsc

    there r great constructions in this list, but i think that the Sagrada Familia of Barcelona should be included.

    It was started in 1882 and is still unfinished.

    its unbelievable that nowadays, an age when the human being raise kilometric skyscrapers and have lots of technology resources the built of a project could take more than 100 years.

    greetings from Spain!

  • Etienne

    Where would the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona stand if it’s halfway done ?

  • Jordon

    You missed the LDS Salt Lake Temple it took 40 years to complete.

  • Mike

    What about the Dutch water defences?

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