The Surface Area Required to Power the World with Solar Panels

The following infographic depicts the surface area required to power the world with zero carbon emissions, and with Solar Panels alone.The map shows 19 areas and their relative responsibilities, placing solar power infrastructure relative to use and weather patterns. I am amazed at how little the required area actually is!



3 comments for “The Surface Area Required to Power the World with Solar Panels”

  • Rob

    Have you thought about the environmental damage of covering 1/18th of the Sahara desert with solar panels?. It would make more sense to have the panels dispersed. They are environmentally unfriendly to manufacture.

    • Linda

      Absolutely, i agree! I understand the intention is to further disperse the shown locations and that the map is indicative only of general massing required.

  • Alex Napa

    I think the intention would be to mass the panels close to population centres because there will be huge cost involved in reticulating from isolated locations! Unless someone comes up with cost effective method of transmitting “energy” long distance.