0-14 Office Building by Reiser + Umemoto

The 0-14 Office Building is currently under construction in Dubai, the building is one of the most exciting projects to come out of Dubai in recent years. The 16 inch concrete facade is punctuated by 1,326 holes. The buildings unique aesthetic character stands out from the usually slick, curtain-walled buildings of Dubai. The iconic skin allows the 22 storey building to be column free.


O-14 stands at the heart of Dubai’s business bay. “The openings on the shell are modulated depending on structural requirements, views, sun exposure, and luminosity. A space nearly one meter deep between the shell and the main enclosure creates a so-called ‘chimney effect,’ a phenomenon whereby hot air has room to rise and effectively cools the surface of the glass windows behind the perforated shell. This passive solar technique essentially contributes to a natural component to the cooling system for O-14, thus reducing energy consumption and costs, just one of many innovative aspects of the building’s design.” Source


O-14, comprises of 300,000 square feet and is located along the extension of Dubai Creek, occupying a prominent location on the waterfront esplanade. The project is generating extraordinary international interest in the architectural press.  The design of O-14 fundamentally shifts away from the architectural norm in current Dubai towers by eliminating the now obligatory curtain wall solutions and above ground parking, in favour of a shade-producing, concrete load-bearing shell and an open public space at ground level.


The building was due for completion next month however difficulties in building the facade have pushed back the buildings completion to mid 2009.  The building is currently built up to the 18th floor,  the glazing has already been installed lower down and the basement areas are finished.  For Further information on the consruction process visit Building Global. See below for construction images. 


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Dubai Business Bay will have more than 200 towers when it’s finally completed but 0-14 seems like it will be the one to stand out in the crowd.  For further information visit the project’s website:


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