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Shoulder mounted side mirrors (for the non-ninja)

Ninja’s have an acute awareness of their surroundings – with their senses tuned to everything around them. For those struggling with their Ninja sense.. here’s a quick concept to help keep you aware and on your toes – Ninja side-mirrors (for the non-Ninja)…

My discovery – The Flatliners is a UK-based Internet radio and music community website, founded in 2002. Based on what you listen to, recommends you new music – and that my friends is how i discovered The Flatliners! The Flatliners are the youngest ever band to be signed to fat wreck cords and recently picked up song of […]

UNStudio to design new Amsterdam Plein & Pavilion

Are my big brothers at AMNP always right? Architects, Ninjas and Thumbtacks declared that architects around the world are finally accepting (and spreading) their message of ninjadom – not only are architects like Andrew Maynard accepting of their message, it also seems that the big guns like UNStudio are in too! Amsterdam architect Ben van […]

Werner Sobek future housing concept – R129

Designed by Werner Sobek – R129 is the sophisticated fusion of  architectural innovation and modern technology. The   envelope is made of a lightweight and transparent electrochromatic foil which can be made opaque, lightened or darkened using electronic controls. The envelope can be contolled either in sections or as a whole. Image Source The interior of […]

Ninja Fail

To my like-minded Ninjas – this message is quite simply really…How NOT to be Ninja!

Ninja Stars…legalised for office use

Up until now i have been making paper stars to let fly at my unsuspecting colleagues- today i have up-ed the stakes by purchasing Ninja Tacks. Swift and silent cork board devastation can now be yours for $12 US. [Chromly via bbGadgets]

Inner City Snail…Slow Moving Street Art

Street artist known only as Slinkachu investigates the concept of miniature exploration. His most recent work is ‘The inner city Snail’ – sister project to ‘little people’. The unique project utilises the humble snail shell as a user intractable and versatile medium for ‘art’. The artful snail is deployed to various inner city locations with […]

Sliding House by dRMM

I recently came across the ‘sliding house’ designed by dRMM which recognises a sleek and minimalist approach to adaptable living. Located in Suffolk, England the house features a unique enclosure which slides to reveal and dynamicly change the environment of the main house, guest house and greenhouse.

15 Bizarre Buildings from around the world

Not all Architects seek to design buildings that perform only to their functional duties. From the incredibly cool to totally weird, comes a collection of unusual and bizarre buildings from around the World.

The World’s First Energy-Generating Revolving Door

It is not uncommon to see renewable energy considered in modern design & architecture; here is one innovation that caught my attention: the world’s first revolving door that harnesses power from kinetic energy. Source: InHabitat A cafe in the Netherlands has installed an energy generator in their revolving door and so whenever someone walks through it, […]