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Goldfinger @ Manning Bar 25/02/09

Tonight has been a long time coming – booked my tickets way way back in 2008, for a Goldfinger show originally scheduled to play at The Forum in Sydney on 17th May 2008! The show was postponed (not sure exactly why) but it wasn’t cool. I got a voicemail late January from Moshtix letting me […]

eVolo – Skyscraper for the XXI century

Next semester at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) I’ll be exploring High-Rise Architecture and vertical density with Nick Sissions – I recently purchased  Skyscraper for the XXI century by eVolvo in preparation for some awesome design work! The book is an investigation by architects, students and designers on the future of the Skyscraper, presents […]

Less Than Jake – The Last Time (Look what happened)

I saw Less Than Jake at the Metro last night and they kicked ass with a solid performance as per usual (my 4th time seeing them in concert!). Here’s a bit of a taste of what Less Than Jake have to offer, with an acoustic version of one of their most wicked songs…

The 10 Longest Construction Projects

The modern building environment has produced typically accelerated construction periods for Architectural projects – Today, the majority is constructed within 3-5 years of project commencement. However, history will show that many high profile construction projects haven’t been so quick to complete. From 10 to 1, I present to you the Longest Construction projects of all […]

Full-time Ninja’s – Tough Economy Hitting Ninjas Hard

Ever wondered how the tough economy is affecting our silent warriors? In this year alone 223 ninjas will graduate from their dojo to a tight job market that just cant support them – these deadly warriors of an ancient art will be forced to take demeaning jobs way below their skill level…or worse, wander the […]

The World’s Largest Online Building

Subversive, humorous and often quite juvenile, each level of this 400 story tower was builty by a different member of the infamous ‘Something Awful Forums’ in a quest to build the tallest tower on the internet. Check it out at

The Harman Hotel gets Sliced in Half

Ninjas cut off heads ALL the time – however this slice was taken at the torso of Norman Foster’s Harman Hotel. The stumpy fate of the Harman Hotel is due to human error (Obviously ninjas dont make mistakes) – 15 floors of wrongly installed rebar! The Harman hotel now due for completion at the end […]

Ninja Parade slips through Modesto, California

Once a year residents turn out for Modesto’s annual ‘Ninja Parade’. Yet again no ninjas were spotted…Obviouly only true ninja’s can identify other ninjas. For more ninja 101 check out The official Ninja Book.

Rem Koolhaas TVCC building on fire

Yesterday at 11:00 a.m. EST, the TVCC Tower designed by Rem Koolhaas caught on fire; the story has since been covered internationally via all major news broadcastings. New York Times reported the fire was instigated “by an illegal fireworks show (which) engulfed one of the (Chinas) most architecturally celebrated modern buildings . The fire was not extinguished until early Tuesday […]

MAD Studio and their super-cool ‘Absolute Towers’ Project

MAD Studios have been in the spotlight recently with steady progress being made for ‘The Absolute Towers’ project in Mississauga, Canada. The project sprung forth due to Mississauga seeking a new identity for their city. The City of Mississauga wanted a residential landmark that would provide an emotional connection to the landscape.  ‘The Absolute Towers’ […]