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Tetris Bricks falling in Sydney

If the Tetris Block Ice tray wasn’t good enough, i assume you would have checked out One more go one more go located on Abercrombie Lane in Sydney.  The artwork which consisted of suspended tetris blocks was installed from 4th of October to the 31st of January 2009 as part of the Sydney live lanes […]

One pixel can make the difference

The ‘One Pixel’ project is the exploration of three different icons with one pixel being the only variation between them. Quite impressive really – One pixel can make the Difference by Alex Buga Source

The Camouflage House 3 by Hiroshi Iguchi

Finally, a greenhouse that accommodates more that just plants – ‘The Camouflage House 3’ located in Nagano is designed by Hiroshi Iguchi of Fifth world. The building aims to promote eco friendly and sustainable architecture. Source