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24 Hours of World Air Traffic..Or Just Ninja’s flying high?

Our Skies…24 hours of air traffic condensed into 1 minute of video footage…way cool! From space we look like a crazy beehive of activity.

0-14 Office Building by Reiser + Umemoto

The 0-14 Office Building is currently under construction in Dubai, the building is one of the most exciting projects to come out of Dubai in recent years. The 16 inch concrete facade is punctuated by 1,326 holes. The buildings unique aesthetic character stands out from the usually slick, curtain-walled buildings of Dubai. The iconic skin allows […]

Update on the life of Archi-Ninja

Thanks to all Archi-Ninja readers for your support and loyalty – I’ve had the most busiest couple of months on the blog to date! I hope to get some more posts up soon, but first an update on things. All is incredibly well at work – I am currently documenting the 1 Bligh Street project located in […]