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The Most Over-Rated Architects + Architects who deserve more credit

I recently conducted a survey to find out the answer to these questions – Who is the most over-rated Architect? and Which Architect deserves more credit? Here are my results I was interested to find out the opinion from many professionals in the industry as to who they thought was the most over-rated Architect. It […]

Massive Game of Monopoly on Google Maps

Google and the company behind Monopoly, Hasbro; have just completed the launch of the biggest game of Monopoly ever – it’s called Monopoly City Streets. Here’s how it works: Each player begins by being given $3 million to spend (Monopoly money of course!). You then set about buying any street in the world and from […]

Interview with visiondivision

visiondivision was founded in 2005 by Anders Berensson (b. 1980 in Stockholm) and Ulf Mejergren (b. 1981 in Stockholm). The organisation formed when they won a competition while still at University. Both started their architecture education at Chalmers University in Gothenburg 2001.

While still students, the office operated all over the world – from ITESM in Mexico to OMA in Rotterdam, they mostly did competitions via msn. In 2008, the team reunited in their hometown of Stockholm, and have been working full-time from there ever since. The office has received several prizes in both international and domestic competitions, with many “to-be-built” projects in progress.

The Surface Area Required to Power the World with Solar Panels

The following infographic depicts the surface area required to power the world with zero carbon emissions, and with Solar Panels alone.The map shows 19 areas and their relative responsibilities, placing solar power infrastructure relative to use and weather patterns. I am amazed at how little the required area actually is!