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5 Innovative Green Designs for 2010 and Beyond

Today, it’s impossible to think about architecture without including some element of green design; so is the ever-evolving impression of acceptable architecture. For a design to be deemed worthy now, certain aspects of greening must be addressed, such as, energy sources, consumption, emissions, sustainability and recycling. This combination of criteria is not always easily met, but in striving to achieve the best in green design architects have produced myriad unique concepts that give new meaning to the word innovative. Here are five of the best we hope to see completed in 2010 and beyond.

My University Project: Commercial Design Proposal, Sydney

“Brisbane is leading the pack when it comes to architecture; Melbourne is close behind… Sydney? Well, that’s another story” | Rosemary Neill July 04, 2009. Over the past 12 weeks i have been developing a commercial building for a site located in Sydney CBD. My conception of Sydney planning is that for too long the […]

View from the top of the Burj Dubai: the world’s tallest building

Check out this video taken from the top of the Burj Dubai – hat tip to my fellow Ninjas from Architecture: My Ninja Please for finding this video!

Interview with Bjarke Ingels

Bjarke Ingels is the founder of Copenhagen-based architectural group BIG. Bjarke’s approach to Architectural design is the experimentation of space, to create buildings that provide solutions to current problems. His “Yes is More” manifesto, is a comic book he created to express the importance of “thinking big”, treating problems as challenges and finding sources of genuine inspiration.

The Architecture created by Bjarke Ingels emerges from his careful analysis of how life constantly evolves and changes. His Architecture is a combination of exploring living, leisure and working, which collectively test the balance of programmatic mixtures on the triple bottom line. His work focuses on smaller details that exist within the “big picture”.

As an Architect with a mission to prove that its okay to wear t-shirts and sneakers and that you don’t have to be over 50 to be recognised; he is a huge inspiration.