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NinjaFuel | Readings for the Urban Ninja (25/02/10)

NinjaFuel is a theme for posts that will keep you and your Ninja senses alert. NinjaFuel combines recent spottings in the vast online space, funny links, links to my fav tunes, and general Ninja related goodies.

Defunct Observation Wheel Envisioned as Flying Tram Depot

I was really excited this morning to see a proposal by Buro North, Peter Bennett and Squint Opera. Their futuristic proposal is a reuse concept for Melbourne’s ill-fated Southern Star Observation Wheel. Under their vision, the currently defunct Wheel is converted into a tram depot for flying steam powered trams. And if you remember, the future is of cause, where we all live and travel in the sky 😉

Interview with studiometrico

Lorenzo Bini co-founded studiometrico in 2004. The Architecture created by his firm emerges from a playful and careful understanding of materality. His portfolio showcases amazing sensitivity to site, local culture and construction technique.