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Harvard Graduate Speech – Chris Anderson

Having recently graduated, I found Chris Anderson’s speech to Harvard Architecture Graduates incredibly valuable. Anderson, is a formerĀ  magazine publisher and journalist from England. He founded the TED (Technology – Entertainment – Design) conferences in 2001 through a nonprofit foundation. TED aims to help solve global problems through media, technology, and entrepreneurship. Anderson discussed three […]

Skateboarding and Architecture

Architecture is fundamentally limited to the conception of the building-as-object: a theoretical and historical fixation that erases the social and political experiences of the city. The following was written through the theories of Ian Borden, author of Skateboarding, Space and the city: Architecture and the Body. Skateboarding as a process for rethinking architectures manifold possibilities: […]

Architecture and Anarchy

Unfortunately it has been a while since I posted on Archi-Ninja. Many exciting things have been happening in last couple of months. I have graduated from my Masters of Architecture degree at UTS. I have travelled Europe and America and spent time visiting amazing offices around the world from BIG (Copenhagen) to Frank Gehry (Los […]