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Interview with Peter Ho, PHOOEY Architects

PHOOEY Architects are a young, enthusiastic and progressive design practice from Melbourne, Australia. Their portfolio extends from large scale master planning to small scale furniture design. They explore architecture which advocates for environmental, social and cultural awareness and consideration. PHOOEY Architects genuinely and actively explore the use of recycled materials while minimising consumption waste. Directed […]

Reclaiming the Streets – Urban Disruption

Not long after writing the architecture and anarchy essay, I decided to put some small scale performances into action on the unsuspecting streets of Sydney! Inspired by the ethics of punk; the performances are cheap, replicable by anyone, and seek to create an instant moment of disruption accessible to all. They do not seek to […]

Skateboarding & the City – Interview with Philip Nobel

In preparation and to form part of my research agenda for the skateboarding and architecture essay I asked architecture writer, critic, and publicist Ian Volner to Interview Philip Nobel. Philip is an architecture writer and fixture in New York design circles. About a year ago Philip gave up New York for skateboarding. I wanted to […]