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Architects Gone Rogue!

Practicing architects and students of architecture are notorious for changing direction or leaving the field to venture into other creative industries. But that doesn’t mean those hours in the studio were a waste. Indeed, whatever their reason for leaving the profession, these trained architects often find that the urge to improve their environment persists throughout […]

The Anti-Social Social

I should note the following article meanders, I think about the concept of the anti-social social quite often but articulating the concept proves difficult. My friend describes the following as a flock known and unknown sounds. Staring at the vulgar message of graffiti drawn very poorly on the seat on front of me, I sit […]

Concrete and Timber Dining Table by Linda Bennett

Below are some images of a table which I designed.┬áThe table top is casted concrete. 1200mm (L) x 750mm (W) x 60mm (D). Clear Seal. The timber legs are hoop pine 75mm x 40mm, finger joints. Clear finish. The legs are connected to the table with 4 x steel brackets, powder coat yellow. The brackets […]