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2014 New Year Resolutions from Architecture & Design Bloggers

Happy New Year! Its January! That time of year for self evaluation, new beginnings, new projects and new collaborations. This time last year (after some serious self reflection) I packed up my stuff and moved interstate. This year has brought on some equally significant personal changes for myself and an article to encapsulate this will […]

Worlds Quietest Room & The Insane Sound of Silence

When I am working on personal projects or writing for I always head to my favourite cafes in Melbourne to find the right headspace. Namely Industry Beans, Grace, Young Bloods Diner, Slowpoke, Breakfast Thieves, Pavlov’s Duck, Proud Mary, Dench Bakers Cafe, Babka Bakery or Grub Food Van. All amazing places who have a wonderfully […]

James Cornetet on the Relevance of the Architect

James Cornetet and I have recently been discussing  the relevance of the architect. James is founder of  StudioJ, process architecture and author of  Facadomy: A Critique on Capitalism and its Assault on Mid-Century Modern Architecture. His book outlines the rise and fall of architecture movements including how the anatomy of these movements affect the future of […]

Interesting stuff on the Internet

Interesting stuff on the internet is an article sharing my favourite recent online inspiration and distractions. Johnnyantra: Dispatches from war and culture has a wonderful article on architect and artist Marco Casagrande, described by Mr. Christian Narkiewicz-Laine as “a model for today’s young design professional of what an architect should be: visionary, aesthetic, intellectual, and socially responsible”. Yet something […]

Awesome architecture books on amazon! ALL GONE

ALL BOOKS ARE GONE! Happy reading…   In 2014 I will be documenting the physical inventory that is my life and all its possessions. The purpose of this is about recognising the importance (or lack of) in everything that surrounds my daily life and to understand as a highly habitual person how the design of objects influence my daily routines and […]