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Vote For The Next Concrete Ring Design

Lets make a new ring design together: I have created 6 exciting new design options for you to choose from! The most popular design will go into production alongside the original gable roof, saltbox room and minimal design rings. Check out the options below. Have your say and help to define by selecting your […]

Architects who Build – Interview with Oliver Steele

Oliver Steele is the founder of Sydney based Architecture & building practice Steele Associates. As both a registered Architect and licensed Builder, Oliver does not separate Architecture or design from the craft of building. I recently interviewed Oliver who contributed to an article entitled ‘Why Architects Need To Get Back Onto The Construction Site’. Below […]

January 30 day Challenge: A photo a day

As mentioned in my previous article ‘2014 new year resolutions from architecture and design bloggers’, 2014 is about the sprint rather than the marathon. For those who don’t know I used to be a competitive long distance runner and as such the thought of anything that takes a long time kinda haunts me – I […]

The next nature of concrete

WHY:  A few weeks ago a 6.4 Richter scale earthquake stroke the Caribbean, near Puerto Rico. My house, a concrete shelter, is located about 59 kilometers away from the epicenter. It was 12:01 AM when the ground started to shake. Clearly horizontal, I felt the motion and saw the furniture swaying while watching TV. Intrigued, […]