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Why Drew Philp Bought A House In Detroit For $500

For the next couple of weeks I am on a working holiday in the US and so the next couple of articles will tell some interesting tales about the cities I visit. This article was originally published on BuzzFeed (quite possibly the best article I’ve read from this website) and caught my eye after recently researching […]

The DIY Ring Kit Goes Global

Almost 2 years after the first prototype, the DIY Ring kit goes global. After 3 car trips, happy tears and over 3 stressful hours at the post office yesterday, hundreds of DIY Ring Kits have now been posted!  Be sure to get one for yourself (or a loved one) via the Architact Collective website. Our website also contains […]

Construction Volunteering in Developing Nations

Many architecture firms collaborate with non-government organisations to help in developing nations. A.gor.a Architects for example, are currently designing and building a new health clinic to provide free healthcare to burmese refugees and migrants. Auburn University Rural Studio works with architects and students to build homes in rural communities while instigating community-action, collaboration, and sustainability. Image Source Left: A.gor.a Architects, Right: Auburn […]

Interesting Stuff on the Internet

Interesting stuff on the internet is an article sharing my favourite recent online inspiration and distractions. Revisiting one of my favourite Melbourne houses, the Cloud House by McBride Charles Ryan. From the front the house is an inconspicuous white Edwardian home, but things are not what they seem; when you step inside the home morphs into a dreamy cloud. Check […]