2016 Mother’s Day Gift Guide: 12 Great Gift Ideas For Great Moms Across The Globe!

To my own mother who has supported me through my never-ending cycle of teenage angst and facilitating every phase of my personal growth and accomplishment; I hope you never feel that you have failed. You are always be my mother and I am always your daughter. Know that through my eyes, my heart and my mind you are a true representation success and united through the strength of all mothers across the globe.

This year Mother’s Day is on Sunday 8th of May. With deep appreciation for my own special mother I have curated some great ideas to help you celebrate Mothers day.


1. DIY Concrete Ring Kits: Perfect for the talented and crafty mothers or kids who want to create something for their mother or with their mother. Price: $160. Learn more here.


2. Hand-Painted Timber Rings: Ideal for those who appreciate the finer things in life. These rings are uniquely hand painted by talented Melbourne based artist Kaitlin Beckett. Price $75. Learn more here.


3.  Hand-Casted Mountain and Peridot Concrete Rings: Great for the ladies who love a little bit of sparkle! Price: $90. Learn more here.


4. Hand-Casted Rose Petal Rings: Perfect for the hopeless romantic…Like me! Price: $90. Learn more here.


6. Concrete earrings or necklaces: Ideal for women who like simplistic designs and unique materials. Price from $25. Learn more here and here.


7. Timber earrings or necklacesGreat for the wonderfully quirky women of the world. Price from $20. Learn more here and here.


8. Hand-Casted Concrete Vases with Ruby Red Steel Roses: For women who love sweet flowers but wish they lasted forever! Price from $45. Learn more here.


9. Hand-Casted Concrete Coasters: Because every mother needs a good coaster for her morning tea, coffee….and/or mimosa. Price from $35. Learn more here.


10: Hand-Casted Concrete Planters or Candle Holders: Perfect concrete vessels to carry the sweet smell of motherly plants and/or candles throughout the house. Price from $45. Learn more here.


11: Give the Gift of choice: Last minute shopping? Our Gift Cards are delivered immediately via email. No need to wait for the postman! Our Gift Cards never expire and they can use as much or as little of each Gift Card’s Value. Perfect for those wanting to buy something special f but don’t know their preference or ring size. Price from $15. Learn more here.


12: Create something REALLY special: We do custom designs and materials, lets work together to create something super special! Price from $25. Learn more here.


Why our work is great for wonderful women? Using the construction materials of concrete, brick and timber, we seek to design and create feminine jewelry and homewares capable of uniting and connecting women across the globe. The materiality of concrete, brick and timber explores the notion of perfection through imperfection.

Our jewelry and homewares explore the themes of  inclusivity, individuality, nurture and unity. Seemingly un-fit for purpose concrete, brick and timber is adapted and refined by creating feminine but powerful and sustainable objects of desire symbolic of feminine solidity and protection.

Click here to view our full range of products. Feel free to reach out via if you have any questions.


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