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Things you need to consider before doing a Home Remodel

Remodelling your home – what you need to consider If you are tired of living in your home as it is, or it simply is not big enough for you and your family anymore, you do not necessarily have to move. Remodelling your home can be less expensive and it means that you do not […]

7 Steps to Repairing Rotting Cladding

Any wood in your home can rot. It is usually caused by dampness and a warm temperature. However wood boring insects can also play their part. If you suspect you have an issue with these it is imperative that you get professional help as quickly as possible. The real issue with rot is that if […]

7 Signs It’s Time To Repair Your Stairs

The concept of stairs is certainly not new! Rudimentary steps have been discovered in ancient Egyptian times; there are even some wood trunks fitted together which date from 6000 BC. Of course the role of stairs has changed and the material used may be different; but you’ll still get the same warning signs that your […]

Tools to Design your ideal Home office

A home office has many advantages. It can save on travel time, increases convenience, and in many cases help productivity. But much like a traditional office, a home office has to be set up properly. A common flaw with home offices is it’s very easy to become distracted. The design of a home office has […]