About Me:

Linda Bennett – archi-ninja founder and author. Lead UI/UX Designer at honestfox.

  • Born: 1986
  • Located: Melbourne, Australia
  • Education:University of Technology, Sydney (BA. Architecture, M. Architecture)
  • Employment: honestfox
  • Interests: Music, Muscle Cars, Motorbikes, Travel, Science, Internet

About Archi-ninja:

Archi-Ninja.com was established for a university assignment in 2008. I am inspired by the ethics of punk and anarchy and often apply this interest to architecture and criticism. Architecture is dependant upon commission and regulation; the architect must work within a timeframe, budget and brief, and is restricted according to safety, money and law. Anarchy, on the other hand is the generic social and political suggestion that expresses negation of all power, autonomy, domination and division. Architecture happens to naturally prosper under the structures and regulations that anarchy aims to eliminate. But it is precisely the differences and contradictions between the ideologies of architecture and anarchy that motivates my role in architecture.

Contacting me:

  • Email: linda@archi-ninja.com

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