Antwerp’s narrowest house

Source: Scult(IT)

Sculp(IT) is a partnership of two architects, Pieter Peerlings and Silvia Mertens. They have recently completed a clever office, residence and studio for themselves in what they call “Antwerp’s narrowest house.” The house is located in Anwerp’s former red-light district. They bought a 2.4-meter wide space between two buildings, erected a steel skeleton, and installed four wooden floors, one each for work, dining, relaxing and sleeping.

A one-piece staircase connects the floors. The walls are all glass, allowing light to penetrate the floorplate. In respect to the area’s “exhibitionist” past, each “window” to the street has a black frame emphasizing the showcase or display aspect. The multi-color lighting completes the notion of Seed!


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