Awesome architecture books on amazon! ALL GONE

ALL BOOKS ARE GONE! Happy reading…


In 2014 I will be documenting the physical inventory that is my life and all its possessions. The purpose of this is about recognising the importance (or lack of) in everything that surrounds my daily life and to understand as a highly habitual person how the design of objects influence my daily routines and interactions not only with the world but also with myself and others. It intents to be a quirky and slightly crazy (cray cray) observational study. 

Last year involved the purging of some architecture books (partly relevant to my 2014 mission), lots and lots of books went to charities and organisations but I have also listed some of the more special architecture books on Amazon for sale at super low prices.

You can check-out the full list of books and prices on offer here.

….Or click on the individual architecture (plus a few random) books if you know what you are looking for. Click on ‘used books’ and you will see the listing under archi-ninja pty ltd:


Hope you gain as much knowledge and have as much fun as I did while reading these books. I would love to hand them over to students and people expanding their library alike. Enjoy!


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