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Scandi Style Your Home on a Budget

Scandinavian decorated homes can be relatively cheap by nature given their minimalist style but any home updates can be expensive, particularly when starting from scratch. If you’re thinking about making some serious updates or you’re just starting out in your home and you’re desperate for that timeless Scandinavian beauty then here are some expert tips […]

Modern internet technologies and digitization of educational process

What’s the World Coming to, or Peculiarities of Education Digitization It is not a surprise that a modern world and all processes connected with our life such as communication, education, and even shopping are becoming digitized and available online from almost every part of the Earth. So, teaching and learning processes became commonplace and integral […]

How to Make Your Construction Business More Profitable

Every contractor is always on the search for ways to make more money, and boosting profits in your construction business can be accomplished through a variety of means. Incorporate the following strategies into your business in 2017 and reap the rewards. Hire a Professional Photographer You do great work, why not show it off? Humans […]

How To Come Up With Great Ideas

At the heart of a successful business is a great idea but where do they come from? Great ideas don’t come on command and that leaves a lot of people asking the same question: How did they get the inspiration for that great idea? And how can we work the same magic? My advise it to turn to the […]

Interview with Matteo Cainer, Matteo Cainer Architects

Matteo Cainer is a practicing architect, teacher and curator. Based in London and Paris, he is the principal of Matteo Cainer Architects, co-founder of the Confluence Institute for Innovation and Creative Strategies in Architecture and the director of ‘Architecture Whispers‘. Cainer works and collaborates with many international practices including Peter Eisenman, CoopHimmelb(l)au and Arata Isozaki Associati. In […]

Architecture and Parkour – Interview with Andy Day

Andy Day has been photographing parkour and people since 2003. His job allows him travel the world and adventure on the edge of anything from buildings to abandoned ships. He is also a researcher and location manager. He helps to run Buildering.net and works closely with Parkour Generations. For those who don’t know buildering is […]

Architecture and Parkour

I watched him hop the construction barrier that blocked the “easy” route to the sidewalk for the long months of building. Two quick hops and he continued walking. The herds of people shuffled around the barriers, under the scaffolding, through the curved construction fence and out on the other side, where the young man had […]

Pre-fabricated Construction in Australia

Money, time and space are the three things most of us want or need more of. Nome of which are easy to come by these days, perhaps that is why pre-fabricated construction is on the rise, not only in Australia, but around the globe. The speed and ease with which pre-fabricated buildings can be designed and […]

The Unseen, Unappreciated Revolution of Industrial Architecture

To those outside the realm of design and architecture, industrial buildings rarely receive a second glance. Industrial buildings today are constructed purely for purpose — to store grain and shelter livestock or protect sand and salt from the weather, among other utilitarian intents. Typically large and lifeless, they are situated in landscape with disregard of surrounding […]

100 Tips for Architecture Students by Zean Mair-MacFarlane

I have recently been chatting with Zean Mair-MacFarlane who graduated from university in 2014.He completed his Part 1 and Part 2 architecture degrees at the University of Lincoln (United Kingdom). MacFarlane was able to gain a distinction in his Part 2 along with a RIBA Student Silver Medals Nomination. With experience in teaching architecture along with working at […]