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5 of America’s Greatest Living Architects

From buildings to bridges to awe-inspiring private homes, professional architecture is part of the fabric of American society. Long after individual architects are gone, their work lives on for millions to enjoy. Fortunately, many of the most noteworthy American architects are still living and can relish in the thought that they have created both beautiful […]

Architecture and Parkour – Interview with Mikkel Mølgaard Frandsen Rugaard

A beast in the the body of an academic and architect; Mikkel Mølgaard Frandsen Rugaard is a P.E. teacher, practitioner, architect and designer. In addition to this Mikkel is also the co-owner of Street Movement. He takes part in everything relating to the aesthetics of Street Movement including architectural design, educating, graphics, choreography and staging. Street Movement’s work is […]

Interview with Alper Derinbogaz, Salon

Alper Derinboğaz is an architect who lives and practices architecture in Istanbul. Derinboğaz founded Salon in 2009, he also currently runs the architectural design studio at the Istanbul Technical University as an adjunct lecturer. I first came across his early works a few years back including Gate, Panorama and Augmented Structures. In 2011 he received the Arkitera Young Architect Award. Derinboğaz operates in both large […]

The Architact Collective Can Create Your Very Own Ring Design!

Eric Chan supported us on Kickstarter by pledging to ‘design his own ring,’ we absolutely love his creation. We wanted to share with you his incredible design. Eric is an Architect from Melbourne, currently living and working in Hong Kong. Below is an interview with Eric who first came across our project on ArchDaily: AC: We love your ring design […]

Finding Happiness in the Handmade – Our Favourite Makers in Melbourne

For the following two weekends the Architact Collective have attended two pre-christmas market locations. There could have been no better start to the festive season than by surrounding ourselves with some incredible designers, makers and entrepreneurs, these are our peers who equally motivate and inspire us to do what we do. When talking with these designers we […]

The Architact Collective collaborates with Sarra Tzijan

The Architact Collective are delighted to introduce our second collaboration with Sarra Tzijan. Sarra is a Melbourne based artist with a background in print, drawing and painting. More recently she has begun studies in jewellery design, developing new techniques and processes. The hand-crafted rings by Sarra are the exploration of surface embellishment and texture, using our natural and […]

Interview with Elena Orte Largo & Guillermo Sevillano, SUMA

SUMA was founded in 2005 by Elena Orte Largo and Guillermo Sevillano. SUMA is a young architecture office who also venture in construction, project management, furniture, product design and teaching. Located in Madrid, SUMA have gained some serious credibility for their socially and politically conscious design propositions and research. Their latest project was recently featured on ArchDaily. Below […]

The Architact Collective collaborates with Kaitlin Beckett

The Architact Collective are delighted to introduce their first collaboration with Kaitlin Beckett of A Curious Bestiary. Inspired by graffiti, Linda reached out for Kaitlin to consider using her Timber House Rings as a miniature canvas. Together Linda and Kaitlin have created a series of 6 limited edition hand-painted laser-cut wooden rings. The rings are available […]

Why Drew Philp Bought A House In Detroit For $500

For the next couple of weeks I am on a working holiday in the US and so the next couple of articles will tell some interesting tales about the cities I visit. This article was originally published on BuzzFeed (quite possibly the best article I’ve read from this website) and caught my eye after recently researching […]

Architects who Build – Interview with Oliver Steele

Oliver Steele is the founder of Sydney based Architecture & building practice Steele Associates. As both a registered Architect and licensed Builder, Oliver does not separate Architecture or design from the craft of building. I recently interviewed Oliver who contributed to an article entitled ‘Why Architects Need To Get Back Onto The Construction Site’. Below […]