Book Competition – Win a copy of YES IS MORE by BIG

2009 has been an awesome year for Archi-Ninja, the process of growing my site has been incredibly rewarding and enjoyable. I genuinely thank all my friends, readers and supporters who have helped me develop and expand the site throughout the year. I hope to continue growing the site by providing some cool new content in 1010.


To thank my readers I am finishing the year with a book competition. To win a copy of YES IS MORE by BIG all you have to do is come up a cool idea which I can implement on Archi-Ninja in 2010.

Email your ideas to along with your full name and mailing address. Entries close at midnight on Christmas Eve, the winner will be announced on Christmas day.

It can be anything you like!  Some ideas might be a concept for a new segment, a re-design of the site, a new post idea, a recommendation of a cool firm to interview, or a particular thing you would like me to improve? My favourite response (likely to be the most creative and critical) will win!!

I look forward to seeing your feedback ideas!

UPDATE: And the winner is… Marike du Randt!

Marike’s awesome idea relates to implementing a points system for loyal Archi-Ninja readers, involving interactivity and allowing users to be rewarded for their loyalty. Reader loyalty is one of the things I cherish most about Archi-Ninja, helping keep me inspired and motivated to keep on improving this “space” on the internet.

Thank you to everyone who contributed – your ideas haven’t been wasted, and I wouldn’t be surprised if some of your suggestions are also implemented!

Hope you had a great Christmas, keep the ideas rolling throughout the New Year!

Linda (a.k.a. Archi-Ninja)


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