Design and Your Air Conditioning: The Often Forgotten

Design and Your Air Conditioning: The Often Forgotten

When you make a purchase on a home, this is a big step in your life. As you selected the home and chose things to go inside of it, you wanted it to look a certain way. But what happens when you need or want air conditioning and you’re concerned about the overall look of your house?

There are various different steps that you could implement inside your home to make your air conditioning vents and the conditioner itself more modern and design-friendly. One way to do this from the outset is to use ductless air conditioning from the beginning. Using a ductless or mini split air conditioning system makes it much easier to design around. (You can see design options for mini splits here).

Many of these systems are designed to be sleek to begin with, thus making it less of a hassle on your end to design around it. Using decorating accessories and furniture can help to hide the vents and other components of your air conditioning system.

Ductless Aesthetic

It’s actually much easier to design around a ductless air conditioning system because there are no ducts required. Often, the installation of ducts in a traditional air conditioning system can be frustrating for a homeowner to cope with, but it can also be challenging when it comes time to designing your space. Having design ideas in mind can help you determine where to place your ductless air conditioning and how to cover up some of the less-pleasing components of it. Disguises and distractions can go a long way towards helping you accomplish your goals with your air conditioner.

Ductless mini split air conditioners are becoming more popular all over the place as an energy-efficient alternative for traditional air conditioning systems. They do present a different type of challenges than a ducted system. These individual mini split handling units typically extend approximately seven inches and can be up to three feet wide, depending on your model. You’ll want to integrate it with your home’s décor and design, and there are several different things you should consider as you think about placing it.

First of all, use a false beam or have it recessed into the wall. This is a luxury of owning your own home, if you’re able to make adjustments. You can also place it above a window, particularly in tight spaces that have limited wall space. This may be your only opportunity to place it in an area that is difficult to spot. Above a doorway is a great opportunity to place your ductless air conditioner, and you can also put it over your bed to ensure that you have appropriate cooling inside your bedroom. Above an armoire is another location where most people are unlikely to spot the ductless air conditioning, and the same goes for being above a bookcase. You’re maximizing the space inside your individual home, and also concealing the ductless air conditioning unit.

You can have it all when you choose ductless a/c as your method for keeping your home cool.


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