DIY Concrete Ring:  Select your favourite design or create your own

What is Kickstarter?

The world’s largest crowdfunding platform whose mission is to help bring creative projects to life by offering project creators a crowdfunding platform where backers can pledge their collective support. Since its launch, more than 5.2 million people have funded more than 52,000 creative projects (, such as films, music, stage shows, comics, journalism, video games, and design projects.

Why is the DIY Concrete Ring on Kickstarter?

On November 13th this year I launched the DIY Concrete Ring for the world to support via Kickstarter and have 30 days to reach the funding goal of $24,500 required to cover the upfront cost of setup and minimum order quantities for the initial production run of this incredible project.

Only if the project is funded, in return for your pledge, you will receive the awesome reward that you have selected on Kickstarter!  Don’t worry, if the project is not funded, your pledge will be safely returned to you by Kickstarter.

How can you support the DIY Concrete Ring?

Pledge your support now on Kickstarter!  Not yet convinced?  Read on below to learn more about how Kickstarter works.

  1. Sign or log in to Kickstarter

  2. Find the DIY Concrete Ring Kit project on Kickstarter

  3. Watch the project video and learn everything about the project on Kickstarter

  4. Finally, pledge your support and bring us closer to the goal of launching the DIY Concrete Ring into the world!

We need only 350 backers to pledge $70 (USD) each in order to reach our funding goal and go into production!  The $70 (USD) pledge level allows our backers the reward of the complete DIY Concrete Ring, with this you can build your very own concrete ring at a steeply discounted price in return for your support of this project in the earliest of stages.

I am seeking your support through crowdfunding in order to bring together a founding community of this project, not the funding of a venture capitalist or loan from the bank, but real people that can together support and bring this project into the world.

How does Kickstarter work?

Backers plus Creators equal Awesome Projects on Kickstarter

Kickstarter has an all-or-nothing approach. You (backers) support the project by pledging your support toward the total funding goal and in return receive a reward based on the level of your pledge (the various pledge levels can be seen in the right column of the project page).

If enough backers (alongside you) collectively pledge their support of the project to reach the funding goal of $24,500 before the end of the campaign (December 13th), then your pledge, together with those of other backers, will go toward fulfilling the pledge reward you selected and launching this project into the world (Note:  your pledge WILL NOT be withdrawn from your bank unless together we reach the total funding goal, the beauty of Kickstarter is that backers do not pay a single dollar unless enough funds are raised to reach full production of the project!)