February 30 day Challenge: Create an Artwork

As mentioned in my previous article ‘2014 new year resolutions from architecture and design bloggers’, 2014 is about the sprint rather than the marathon. My 2014 new year resolution is to try something new every 30 days, 2014 will be the year for growth, focus and fun! In January I took a photo a day. You can checkout the results here.

In February, I set out to ‘Create an Artwork’ (my first ever). When defining this challenge, I intentionally left it ambiguous. Any method or means for creating art will deem success. I decided to do this because I have never been trained in art and I am overly self-critical. I have tried many times to ‘create art’ without an agenda but every time it goes into the bin very quickly and I never show anyone.

I don’t anticipate to draw great conclusions from these 30 day challenges but rather highlight some interesting observations. To document and share the challenges is more about sharing and connecting with those who read and to those with similar interests. Please take away what you like and to leave your comments in the section below.

I am also most importantly open to suggestions for 30 day challenges so please email any ideas to

Dalmatian Dreamtime was created by observing my Dalmatians prominent sleeping positions over a 30 day period.

Artwork: Dalmatian Dreamtime. (Ink and Watercolor on paper.  Approx. 40cm x 50cm). 


Artwork Details: Selected Dalmatians



Some observations:

1. Playful is better than painful: I started to create two ‘self portraits’ each quite dark and depressing before I decided to turn my focus onto something more playful. My puppy Louie provided the perfect distraction. This allowed me to remove the focus from self and in doing so removed the element of self-criticism through art.

2. I like to watch: I am probably one of those creepy people who always seem to be observing. This interest became the prerequisite for ‘creating art’, I needed to watch Louie sleep and observe his movement.

3. Creating narratives: With each sleeping position I created some fun narratives connected to his seemingly innocent dreams. Quite obviously dreaming of puppy playtime, unicorns, extra large food bowls and lots of other really important puppy stuff.

4. Accept I have no art training: I worked with ink and watercolour and I kept the artwork simple. Dalmatian Dreamtime is probably equal part art to documentation. I wanted to create something with personal meaning.

5. Dealing with insomnia: I have moments of insomnia, some weeks I sleep, others I don’t. This artwork allowed me to do something productive during the early hours of the morning.

6. Having Fun: This project was fun. If anyone wants me to watch and sketch them while they sleep, be sure sure to get in touch!

Hope you found this article interesting. If you have any comments, please leave them in the section below or email any suggestions for a challenge to 



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