Finding Happiness in the Handmade – Our Favourite Makers in Melbourne

For the following two weekends the Architact Collective have attended two pre-christmas market locations. There could have been no better start to the festive season than by surrounding ourselves with some incredible designers, makers and entrepreneurs, these are our peers who equally motivate and inspire us to do what we do.

When talking with these designers we learnt some things about their journey that we wanted to share with you. Each journey however is similar; creative people with no business background finding happiness, personality and identity through hand-crafted design.

We found inspiration from the following designers:



We met MIMWAR at the Melbourne Mystery Market on Sunday December 14. MIMWAR design and create fun, 3D printed and handmade homewares. They create functional design products which seek extend their functionality by enhancing and creating character. The makers behinds MIMAW have a passion for combining emerging technologies and handcrafted design, treating different materials, techniques and using them to add our touch and colours on 3d printed objects. Head over to the MIMAW website to checkout their work. Each piece is made to order and filled with personality!



We also Met LITTLE LUMBERJACK at the Melbourne Mystery Market on Sunday December 14. Little Lumberjack was founded Jen Yani, a graphic designer turned woodworker. Little Lumberjack design and create simple and natural products that celebrate the food we eat and the moments when they are eaten. The wood is locally sourced and handcrafted. Head over to the Little Lumberjack website to checkout their work. Each product not only has a unique personality but a name!



We met OLIO at the New Craft Market on Sunday December 7. Olio was founded by Georgina Lewis with an overwhelming urge to create new products and ways to communicate ideas. Olio creates homewares and objects that are collapsible, easy to assemble, desirable and affordable. Olio is motivated by good design that is not exclusive to people with disposable incomes. Head over to the Olio Website to checkout Georgina’s work. Each piece is stunning!

Kathleen O’Neill


Kathleen is a talented silversmith and designer. She creates beautiful jewellery from her rural home overlooking equally stunning ocean views. Her pieces are hand made, equally organic and graphic. Primarily made from silver, titanium, gold and copper each piece is inspired by a rich narrative. Head over to the Kathleen O’Neill Blogspot to checkout her latest products and adventures.

Thank you to everyone who shared their experiences! We hope to see you again soon.


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