Goldfinger @ Manning Bar 25/02/09

Tonight has been a long time coming – booked my tickets way way back in 2008, for a Goldfinger show originally scheduled to play at The Forum in Sydney on 17th May 2008! The show was postponed (not sure exactly why) but it wasn’t cool. I got a voicemail late January from Moshtix letting me know the concert had been rescheduled for 25th Feb ’09 – almost a year later!

Wow, wow, WOW! What a freakin’ gig!

I arrived at the Manning Bar when Valencia were on stage – good band, had me impressed on my first listen. Then BOOM! Goldfinger, out on stage, better than I’ve ever seen them!

Charlie Paulson is back and his stage presence was a major thrill Рhe is unbelievable! Not to mention the horns section provided by Matt Appleton and his saxophone, giving their songs the extra edge and making for an awesome live show (rarely  see a Goldfinger gig with someone playing horns for them!)

Plenty of old favs were played, as well as some new stuff from the Hello Destiny album. The guys were awesome, they didn’t go off their set list at all and instead were playing ‘on request’ based on what we were yelling out! Anyway.. I could continue to talk about how awesome it was, but instead I’m going to share with you a few pics from tonight and a video of the guys live from 2007.¬† (Hope to see some videos from tonights gig up on YouTube soon!)


And ofcourse a Goldfinger concert wouldn’t be complete without someone eating a twinkie from Darrin’s Ass!…



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