The Harman Hotel gets Sliced in Half

Ninjas cut off heads ALL the time – however this slice was taken at the torso of Norman Foster’s Harman Hotel. The stumpy fate of the Harman Hotel is due to human error (Obviously ninjas dont make mistakes) – 15 floors of wrongly installed rebar!

The Harman hotel now due for completion at the end of 2010 tops out at 28 stories instead of the proposed 49, the incredible shrinking Harmon appears unfortunately stubby.

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Bleep happens, of course. Every architect has a story, a nightmare tale, of hair-raising contingencies and last-minute changes in plans. MGM Mirage downplays the effect at the Harmon, arguing that the height will scarcely be visible from the street.

“It’s still unclear how the Harmon will be capped,” the Las Vegas Sun reports, “and what reengineering will be required for such infrastructure elements as elevators and vents. If the Harmon’s exterior isn’t significantly redesigned, it risks looking unmistakably out of proportion. Think 28 oz. of tomatoes squished into a 16 oz. can.” Full Story.


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