Home Decor Trends That Are Hot Right Now

This year is coming to a close and 2018 is approaching fast, but that doesn’t mean that you have to stop paying attention to the hottest trends in home decor for this fall/winter season. As the days get shorter, it’s time to start preparing your home with some of the most popular trends in the industry. A big theme seems to be the infusion of luxury with a one-of-a-kind curated feel. Pair some luxury linens with a hand-woven quilt, and you’re on track to having your bedroom transformed into a relaxing and trendy retreat. Here are some other trends in home decor that are hot right now.

A Return to Nature

Home decorators and designers alike are starting to display ceramics, woven textures, and earthy elements, such as straw or clay. You’ll see plants, succulents, ferns, trees, and vines mixed with the natural beiges and matte earth colors. If you’re looking for something that makes a statement without going all out on a new couch or table, a neutral yet stylish wicker lounge chair or a potted plant in your living room can make all the difference. This trend is all about combining the natural elements to work together in your home, so play up the different textures and hues that the natural world has to offer you.

Hygge-Inspired Retreats

Based on the Danish concept of creating joy and coziness in the small moments, Hygge (pronounced “HUE-ga”) has infiltrated the bedrooms and lounges of many designers. You can expect to see monochromatic schemes paired with ample textures, so grab your favorite quilt from the closet—but don’t go overboard with mixing and matching bright with subdued colors. Incorporating extravagance with simplicity doesn’t have to be stressful. Switch your plain white sheets for some luxury linens, frame your favorite photos in an acrylic frame, and let the philosophy of Hygge wash over you in your cozy retreat.

Best in Class is Brass

The majority of 2017 saw a reign of copper and rose gold fixtures and decor, and seemed to be everyone’s metallic color of choice. Whether you add a brass vase into a living room display, or combine brass with another hot decor trend—such as geometric shapes—as an overt wall piece, this metal is set to dethrone copper and rose gold as designers’ number one choice for a burnished accent or feature piece. Set against a dark wall color, brass will surely remind decorators why it will never go out of style.

Embracing Dark, Earthy Palates

The ever-popular trend of white-on-white home design is being taken over by its darker counterparts. This season, drama is the name, and deep shades of emerald green, dark chocolate brown, burgundy wine, and onyx blue are set to make an appearance on not just the walls of many homes this fall and winter, but featured on bedding, pillows, chairs, couches, cabinet doors, and accent pieces. If you’re not ready to embrace the dark side yet, try incorporating a unique lounge chair, or throw some darker colored blankets over your bed for some extra fall luxe.

Velvet Everything

Velvet has been on the home decor radar since the end of 2016, and it doesn’t seem like it’s disappearing soon—on the runway and in the home. The sumptuous fabric demands to be touched, and when you do, it’s hard to stop, which is why it’s the perfect textile to incorporate into your home decor this season. Regardless of whether you switch a canvas couch for its luxurious contender, or add an extra velvet coverlet to your bed, velvet always makes a plush and cozy statement. Remember that less is more when it comes to this luxurious fabric, so find a color that speaks to you, add it to a room that shows off your personal style, and make sure to balance with other textures. Velvet works great with other textures, so don’t be afraid to experiment to create that perfect snug and intimate ambience.

You don’t have to wait until spring to refresh and rejuvenate your decor. While these trends are popular in many homes, it’s important to remember to pick what you love


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