How Smart Technologies are Changing Home Design

Smart technology is changing many aspects of our lives both personally and professionally. Incredibly innovative concepts and ideas that have been dreamt up for decades, often portrayed from a somewhat unobtainable futuristic viewpoint, are now becoming a reality. We’ve always enjoyed the idea of ultramodern devices in our homes and have often pondered the very thought of owning visionary technology pieces that were once only confined to the movies or television documentaries. We’ve come a long with in the last few decades and our homes are set to be transformed like never before.Smart-Technology-Home-Design-1

Technological innovations in the home are by no means a new concept. There are many areas of our properties that have been enhanced for more convenience or better ecology. The 21st century kitchen is laden with new and improved appliances that help us cook, clean and freeze food more efficiently. Smart technology is now accelerating this evolution process, making residents more informed and in more control of the elements that surround them.

From security to temperature, smart tech grants homeowners a number of beneficial ways in which to keep track of their environment and surroundings and in many cases can even offer the ability to save you money. Special smart thermostats and controls are incredibly innovative devices that learn and adapt to your habits. If you increase or decrease the temperature around your home at certain times of the day, or in specific rooms, these devices learn and are able to adjust accordingly.Smart-Technology-Home-Design-2

Lighting around the home can also be controlled in a similar way; smart lights and smartbulbs that switch on and off automatically based on movement within a given space are helping some homeowners cut down on energy use. Smart lighting systems can also be adjusted via a control panel on smartphone or tablet devices to change colour dependent on your mood.

The more security conscious amongst us will be pleased to see the developments in remote access cameras and other home-based security solutions. New innovations allow users to login remotely from a computer or smartphone to view a live stream of the home so you can keep an eye on your belongings even when you’re thousands of miles away.

These may be interesting ideas independently but soon homes will be purpose built with smart tech fully integrated and it could seriously influence our lifestyle habits. Developers in the gaming sector are working flat out to implement gaming hubs via ‘omni channel strategies’ meaning that families could soon enjoy their favourite titles from anywhere in the home. Whether it’s online slots at Europalace, one such operator that is the forefront of ‘smart gaming’, or if the children are pestering their parents to play Mario Kart, loading up the console could become a thing of the past as you log on to any smart computer device anywhere in the house and become instantly connected.

Once a pipedream mastered up on ‘Tomorrow’s World’, fingerprint scanners to unlock your front door, a fridge that lists the contents on the outside and reminds you when you’re low on milk could soon become the norm, transforming the very meaning and purpose of our homes. Brace yourself, the smart home revolution is upon us.


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