How to Design the Perfect Play Area in Your Backyard

Designing the perfect play area in the backyard is so much more than just purchasing a swing set and placing it in the corner of the yard. You can actually take an architectural approach through design and the materials you use to create something truly unique and eye catching. Of course there will also be an emphasis on the fun.


Give Thought to the Materials

One of the most common things people end up doing is placing their play area on the grass, as it’s easy and simple. If you’re looking to create something unique and create a whole atmosphere, then you want to think about such things as the materials you use.

One rather unique material is Kafka Granite, which can be used as a border or walkway around the play area itself. This helps to define the space and add visual interest. Kafka Granite uses decomposed granite that is then broken down into gravel and sand. When mixed with crushed rock and recycled materials of different colors, you end up with something really spectacular and organic. It’s common to find this material used on garden trails, driveways, and nature paths, as it holds up well to foot traffic.


Make Use of the Natural Landscape

Another great tip is to use the natural surroundings of your backyard rather than try to change it. This means using trees as part of the play area for such things as hanging swings and hammocks, a canopied area to offer shade, and as a tree fort. It requires you to look at your yard with fresh eyes if you will and picture how you can use the various elements in nature in different ways.


Create a Natural Flow

When it comes to your home there is a natural flow that takes you from room to room and space to space. When tackling a backyard landscape project, flow is something you will still want to keep in mind. This can be achieved through walkways, paths, and other such tricks that help to tie various designated areas together and keep them flowing. By ensuring you create natural flow, you will give your backyard a cohesive feeling.


Keep Safety in Mind

While this tip isn’t exactly fun and glamorous, when it comes to backyard play areas it is an absolute must. No matter what kind of design you are considering, safety should be a top priority. This means you need to think about the materials you are using, the equipment you plan to include, where the items are placed, and the age of your child.

Choosing to incorporate items that can grow with your child is always a good idea as you can switch them up and allow them to evolve as your child grows.


Backyard Design Deserves Thought and Attention

Rather than settle for the run of the mill backyard design, why not create something more unique, well thought out, and that fits with the overall look of your home. This means the kids and the parents will be happy.


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