Inner City Snail…Slow Moving Street Art

Street artist known only as Slinkachu investigates the concept of miniature exploration. His most recent work is ‘The inner city Snail’ – sister project to ‘little people’. The unique project utilises the humble snail shell as a user intractable and versatile medium for ‘art’. The artful snail is deployed to various inner city locations with different forms of art installations.

Slinkachu was keen to establish that non-toxic paints were used, and “No snails were harmed – they just had their homes vandalised.” One was given a graffiti-style urban revamp inclusive of a new name – titled John. Another had the Tube logo painted on its shell complete with a couple of unexpected passengers.

Check out Slinkachu’s previous project – ‘Little People’, which featured tiny plastic figures going about their lives.


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