Is our life simpler or harder with the Internet?

Internet: great treasure of information or a huge dump?


With Internet have appearance, people have got a lot of advantages:

  • Students can order their papers online through the reliable writing service, for example, here: https://thesispanda.com/graduate-thesis. It’s a great chance to save your money and get a brilliant and professional work in time.
  • It’s possible to buy anything online without wasting your time on driving through the town and looking for a decent store. Nowadays, you can buy online perfumes, clothes, and even cars and houses.
  • People can find a lot of useful information on the Internet, when they write their scientific work, or just want to get some knowledge about particular things. It’s much faster than to go to the library and spend a lot of time there, looking through piles of books and magazines. The same with books – you don’t need to search for any book in the library or in the store, but all you need to do is just find and download this book on the Internet.
  • Internet gives us a great possibility to communicate with friends and relatives, even if they are far away from us. You can use various software that allows you to see the person you are talking to. Nowadays, a lot of people use meeting sites to find their match.
  • Thanks to the worldwide network, you can send any kind of information to your friend, colleague or boss easily. No matter that you are working in the office in Miami, and your boss is going to make a speech the conference in China – you can send a finished presentation in just a couple of seconds.

But, apart from good things, there are some disadvantages people get every day when they interact with the Internet:

  • When students use the worldwide network to find all the needed information to create their essays and reports, they always can be very distracted with all those games, advertisements and other banners. As a result, they can spend a lot of time, but their work won’t be even started.
  • Social networks can be very addictive, and many people can’t imagine their life without Internet. They used to make new photos and share them on Facebook or Instagram, but people forget to share their real emotions with their family or children. It’s possible to say that Internet connects people, but in the same time it separates them.
  • When people get into online dating on the meeting site, they often can’t find what they are looking for. Most of the men and women are searching for a good partner, but on the Internet everything is different. You never know who is that person you are talking with, because people can make fake profiles just to have fun.
  • You can make payments through the Internet, but you should always check out if the company or store uses secure online payments. There are a lot of possible ways for thieves to stole money through the Internet.

It’s very important to use Internet wisely, then it will bring you a lot of benefits people couldn’t even dream about in the past.


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