Kickstarter Success and Launch of Shop archi-ninja

My 30 day Kickstarter campaign (aka marathon) has ended and the DIY Concrete House Ring has been successfully funded! Check out my new online shop where you can order your own concrete rings and much more including new process, design and material alternatives.

Over at shop archi-ninja you can check out and order my jewellery design rooted in the architecture and construction industry. The rings are now available in 5 unique designs.


Each ring is a statement piece offering multiple narratives that are subject to each unique making. The rings can either made by me (made by archi-ninja) or made by you (Click here to learn more).


Each ring design is available in concrete, brick or timber, bringing together materials, knowledge and technologies from various trades otherwise not accessible. The ring is hand casted within a complex but easy to use moulding system of silicone.


Head over to my shop archi-ninja for the latest information and for now the archi-ninja blog will return to normal.

Thank you to every archi-ninja reader, backer and supporter!

Thank you for reading and sharing my Kickstarter campaign. Together we have created a founding community for the DIY Concrete House Ring, you are incredible and without you this project would not have been possible. Thank you for allowing me to share a very personal project with you. I am so grateful but also astounded and completely blown away by your support.

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