NinjaFuel | Readings for the Urban Ninja (24/08/09)


“Ninjas fly all the time…not like birds, but more like hovercrafts….

(excerpt from: Real Ultimate Power : The Official Ninja Book)

NinjaFuel is a theme for posts that will keep you and your Ninja senses alert. NinjaFuel combines recent spottings in the vast online space, funny links, links to my favourite tunes, and general Ninja related goodnness.

Interesting spottings:

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This semester at university I’m working on a commercial building at Martin Place in Sydney. If anyone has any cool precedents or  ideas for the direction of property development in Sydney be sure to send me an email, would love to hear from you. In currently in the concept stage and will keep you updated on my progress : )

That is all for this week from the Archi-Ninja dojo. I always love hearing from my readers with guest contributions or suggestions to include on Archi-Ninja. If you have a suggestion, any ideas, or feedback please e-mail me!

Sensei Linda *bows*


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