NinjaFuel | Readings for the Urban Ninja (25/02/10)

“In the olden days, ninjas would develop their strength by wrestling with dogs, playing video games, and just plain hanging out. Fortunately, not much has changed. (excerpt from: Real Ultimate Power : The Official Ninja Book)

NinjaFuel is a theme for posts that will keep you and your Ninja senses alert. NinjaFuel combines recent spottings in the vast online space, funny links, links to my fav tunes, and general Ninja related goodies.

Interesting spottings:

Ninjas to follow on twitter:

  • @liam_young is an independent designer and critic, together with Darrly Chen and Liam young are the f0unders of Tomorrows Thoughts Today (TTT).
  • @noisyrobot provides some awesome and broad content on Architecture, Music and Astronomy.

Blogs you should be subscribed to:

Hilarious Videos:

  • Funny episode of Klay World where the ‘klay people’ stumble upon some pancake! “I like to sit on my pancakes…”
  • Brett takes a look at the most popular viral videos of 2009 in the Viral Video Film School Final Exam.


That is all for this week from the Archi-Ninja dojo. I always love hearing from my readers with guest contributions or suggestions to include on Archi-Ninja. If you have a suggestion, any ideas, or feedback please e-mail me! e:

Sensei Linda *bows*

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