Rem Koolhaas TVCC building on fire

Yesterday at 11:00 a.m. EST, the TVCC Tower designed by Rem Koolhaas caught on fire; the story has since been covered internationally via all major news broadcastings.

New York Times reported the fire was instigated “by an illegal fireworks show (which) engulfed one of the (Chinas) most architecturally celebrated modern buildings . The fire was not extinguished until early Tuesday morning.”


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Reuters reported that “Flames 20-30 feet high shot out of the building, just north of the (CCTV) landmark .The flames were reflected in the tower, which itself appeared to be untouched.


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“The upper fifth is on fire, multiple floors. Debris is falling and flames are coming out in all directions,” Edie Marshall. The fire began abating just before midnight.”

Xinha has reported that one firefighter was killed and seven people were injured, including six firefighters.

Hundreds of people watched and took photos as fire trucks sprayed streams of water on the building. Armed police moved the onlookers beyond a cordon as paramilitary troops moved in on the building. Archinect has also nicely covered the story.


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