Reuse the DIY Concrete House Ring mould to create a replica feather ring

The DIY Concrete House Ring is a gift that just keeps on giving! In a previous post I created some replica crayon rings which explored the juxtaposition between the permanency of concrete and the temporality of wax.

This weekend, I have created another really fun ring, this time exploring distance. The replica feather ring symbolises flight in juxtaposition to concrete which symbolises when grounded, the surface beneath our feet. The replica feather rings are really easy to do and can be made solo or with other people. They also make for incredible gifts!

To make your very own DIY Concrete Ring and replica feather rings head over to KICKSTARTER and support the project. Here you can find some awesome images, videos and everything you need to know!


The replica feather rings were created by mixing craft acrylic and feathers before pouring into a mould. I bought both from my local craft store for less than $10 AUD. So incredibly simple and each ring takes less than 1/2 hour to make! (excluding cure time)


I will keep you updated with more reuse ideas throughout the kickstarter campaign and beyond! Be sure to get in touch if you would like to see me make anything in particular:



This weekend the DIY Concrete Ring campaign went LO-Fi; hitting up the infamous Rose St Artists’ Market. Thank you also to the amazing industry beans, Young Bloods Diner and Overdosa for allowing our flyers to take pride position on their counter tops!

The DIY Concrete Ring a high quality silver and concrete composite unisex ring. The ring is packaged in a DIY kit, which invites you to experience the unique and rewarding process of making. The ring is a statement piece, offering multiple narratives that are subject to each unique making and allow you to integrate your personal associations with the meaning of “home.” The DIY Concrete Ring comes in five designs or a design your own alternative. 






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