Scandi Style Your Home on a Budget

Scandinavian decorated homes can be relatively cheap by nature given their minimalist style but any home updates can be expensive, particularly when starting from scratch. If you’re thinking about making some serious updates or you’re just starting out in your home and you’re desperate for that timeless Scandinavian beauty then here are some expert tips to get you started in the right direction no matter your budget.

Don’t get lost in Ikea

Ikea is every Scandinavian style lovers dream but it is possible to seriously overdose on Ikea furnishings and homewares. Ikea is perfect for the budget conscious so by no means do you need to avoid it completely. Instead, opt for bigger Ikea purchases when buying from another store with a similar style would cost you a small fortune. In order to make sure your home doesn’t end up looking like the pages of an Ikea catalogue, with gorgeous style but zero substance and personality, opt for sourcing your home décor from online classifieds, flea markets and second hand shops to inject flair and uniqueness into your space.

It’s all about light

Scandinavian style is all about natural light. The more natural light your home has the better it is suited to that classic scandi style. Of course all walls should be painted white to reflect the light and brighten up your space. This will make your rooms appear larger, especially if the white you use matches the white of your ceilings. If you’re struggling to get enough light into your home to work with your Scandinavian inspired design, opt for thinner curtains that can be pulled tightly open to make the most of your window space. If that doesn’t do it, inject some more light by putting in some down lights into your home or by staging floor and table lamps around your living spaces to brighten things up.

Pops of colour

While the scandi style is all about bright whites and lots of cosy grey rugs and furnishings, you will want some pops of colour here and there. Brighten up your space by injecting some bold colours into your rooms using either soft furnishings, décor and accessories or better yet with some carefully chosen prints and artwork. These prints should be framed well and either hung on the wall as a feature piece of the room or even standing up against the walls to add an artistic flair to your space.

Bring the outside in

Bring the outside in, by placing carefully picked out pot plants around the main spaces in your home. Not only will this brighten the space and create an extra pop of colour, it will clean your air and make your home that little bit healthier. Pot plants are the perfect way to liven up a space and bring interest while still sticking to your minimalist roots and not making the rooms feel too cluttered. Sure a plant is one more thing in your home but it will actually help to lighten the space and even make it feel larger and less cluttered.


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