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0-14 Office Building by Reiser + Umemoto

The 0-14 Office Building is currently under construction in Dubai, the building is one of the most exciting projects to come out of Dubai in recent years. The 16 inch concrete facade is punctuated by 1,326 holes. The buildings unique aesthetic character stands out from the usually slick, curtain-walled buildings of Dubai.¬†The iconic skin allows […]

eVolo – Skyscraper for the XXI century

Next semester at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS) I’ll be exploring High-Rise Architecture and vertical density with Nick Sissions – I recently purchased¬† Skyscraper for the XXI century by eVolvo in preparation for some awesome design work! The book is an investigation by architects, students and designers on the future of the Skyscraper, presents […]

The Harman Hotel gets Sliced in Half

Ninjas cut off heads ALL the time – however this slice was taken at the torso of Norman Foster’s Harman Hotel. The stumpy fate of the Harman Hotel is due to human error (Obviously ninjas dont make mistakes) – 15 floors of wrongly installed rebar! The Harman hotel now due for completion at the end […]