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Top 10 things you’ll never hear an Architect say

Doug from the YouTube channel How To Architect goes through his Top 10 List of things that you will probably never hear an Architect say. Here’s one hilarious example “We’re on budget, and everything is going according to schedule!” haha! Hat tip to Jack @ Millenium People for pointing me to this video!

NinjaFuel | Readings for the Urban Ninja (4/04/09)

“Ninjas totally respect life and enjoy plants and animals, but remember, they are completely willing to kill you if you start acting like a retard” (excerpt from:  Real Ultimate Power : The Official Ninja Book “Dealing with Ninjas on a Personal Level”) Hey Readers! welcome to my new (almost) weekly post! NinjaFuel is a new […]

Less Than Jake – The Last Time (Look what happened)

I saw Less Than Jake at the Metro last night and they kicked ass with a solid performance as per usual (my 4th time seeing them in concert!). Here’s a bit of a taste of what Less Than Jake have to offer, with an acoustic version of one of their most wicked songs…