UNStudio to design new Amsterdam Plein & Pavilion

Are my big brothers at AMNP always right? Architects, Ninjas and Thumbtacks declared that architects around the world are finally accepting (and spreading) their message of ninjadom – not only are architects like Andrew Maynard accepting of their message, it also seems that the big guns like UNStudio are in too!

Amsterdam architect Ben van Berkel of  UNStudio has designed what i can only describe as ninja heaven. (And yes, as i expected its a gigantic ninja star!)


The pavilion located in Battery Park, New York city will  be used for “organised public events” (I suspect they mean ninja gatherings).


At night, an electronic LED system will display a continuously-changing light show. For further info visit Bustler, which includes a press release, however strangely there is no mention of its ninja beginnings.



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