US Highlights: The River North Art District – Where Art is Made

United States Highlights – In Denver Colorado: When wandering around Denver, Colorado, the River North (RiNo) Art District caught my attention. The district is home to active studios, galleries and creative spaces for a range of disciplines. Repurposing a former industrial hub, the architecture within and around RiNo is rich in history, creating the ideal setting for emerging and established creatives operating within the realm of art, architecture and design.

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Established in 2005, just north of downtown, RiNo is a community development dedicated to fostering the commercial, social and personal value of the creative sector. RiNo is genuinely industrial by nature with an artistic personality. Home to one of America’s biggest Punk Rock Clubs in the 1970’s, RiNo to this day remains gritty and rough around the edges.With a focus on nurturing growth in the district through the development of a thriving creative culture, the organisation’s intention is to provide leadership in the development of the district and foster growth while building community, providing jobs, promoting economic sustainability and ensuring RiNo remains a district where artists can create and thrive.

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One day in RiNo: Start the morning by spending few hours exploring RiNo’s impressive collection of larger galleries, including the sculpture garden at Ironton Studios, the artist and ceramic studios at Dry Ice Factory, and the sprawling Laundry on Lawrence complex, which contains a yoga studio, rotating photography and art exhibits, and a black box theatre. For lunch, head to the Source, a converted 1880’s steel foundry which opened in August. The Source is a one-stop shop for food lovers, with local bakers, butchers, specialty grocers, beer brewers and much more offering delectable ware and art. After lunch hit-up the smaller galleries and shops; including aBUZZ Gallery, Blake Street Glass Studio, Knew Conscious Gallery and Heidi Jung. RiNo is also home to a wonderful array of architecture, design & furniture offices so why not pop in to checkout the work at Design Platform, Oz Architecture or Peak CreativeAfterward head to the unpretentious Mile High Winery, located within a beautiful repurposed brick warehouse. Boozy and tired why not grab some dinner here before heading home or cracking onto one of the many bars and clubs.

Something is always going on in RiNo, August alone is hosting the Denver county fair, Denver modernism show, summer camps, a range of exhibitions, bazaars and music festivals. You can checkout the Monthly highlights here. RiNo also opens its doors on the first Friday of each month where dozens of galleries stay open late, creating a festive, fun atmosphere for locals and curious art-lovers. 

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