Vinyl Plank Flooring Vs. Ceramic Flooring

When it comes to comparing vinyl plank flooring option with a stone option, the cutting edge beauty is the biggest different people admire in these products. The comparison of vinyl tile vs. ceramic tile represents yet another instance of luxury vinyl flooring’s ability to masterfully replicate the look of any other flooring system and improve on it. Lots of people wonder whether you can install vinyl over tile, we have a great article here that explains all of that. Let us explore the key differences between the vinyl plank and the ceramic flooring options to judge the effectiveness of both.

The Competition between the vinyl plank flooring and Ceramic flooring hardly exists when it comes to qualities like beauty, design, durability, and installation. The vinyl plank flooring products are designed for luxury using the latest technology. It is less comparable with ceramic flooring options which are not as attractive as vinyl plank flooring in many areas. If you break the floor down and explore the five qualities of the installed floor in your house, you will get a clear picture of how vinyl plank option outranks any other option.

The five options

The five options to look for a quality floor are Look & Style, Durability & Stability, Environmental Impact, Applications, and Cost. When it comes to looking and style, the ceramic floor is a strong option because it lasts for a long time. But it also can become a flaw if you think of a fashion designer. The real truth is that Ceramic flooring is expensive, messy, and time-consuming to install and remove. Conversely, luxury vinyl flooring is extremely easy to install.  Even when it comes to reinstalling the ceramic flooring option, it takes a lot of effort, cost, and the help of a professional to do a satisfactory job.

The money invested in vinyl plank flooring by homeowners never go wasted; it does not require many expensive tools to cut down the vinyl plank floors. It takes professionals hard effort of many hours to cut the ceramic floors on the other hand. You can simply make use of a utility knife and a measuring tape and get the job done easily with vinyl plank. The luxury of vinyl floors always lasts as they are very easy to install and reinstall in an office or home where the small or large gathering of people feels comfort on a daily basis.

The durability of the floor can be measured with its long life and hardness of the floor; the quality material used in the vinyl plank flooring comes in various sizes and shapes to cope with the climatic changes. It needs less taking care of as compared to ceramic which fails with the changing weather. Vinyl plank option is best suitable for heavy commercial use. However, the stability factor in ceramic is also a stronger point for owners to decide during purchase. The environmental impact of the vinyl tiles as compared to ceramic tiles is excellent, the issue of removing ceramic tiles with smashing makes it less environmentally friendly product and not recyclable. GoHaus Vinyl Flooring provides the most affordable and elegant designs of vinyl plank flooring for their loyal customers. Visit our website for more details.


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