Watching your home with Smart phones

Home Owners can keep a close eye on their house with the right products

Are you interested in making your home more secure and reliable than ever before? Then you need to know how watching your home with smart phones is possible. This is the revolutionary method that people are using today to make use of old smartphones that just gather dust in the drawer or act as emergency tether-mode modems. To help you make the most of all that old hardware that just spends its time building up and being annoying, you can turn to these easy to work with devices.

So, how can you go about successfully watching your home with smartphones?

1. Find an App. Go to your smartphone of whatever brand such as Central Security group, and open up the app store of your choice. Then, simply select one of the small army of camera apps that exist out there. One of the most commonly used and allows for things like motion alerts and video or just image stills. Get the app that you feel most comfortable working with, and you can begin to work with a simple solution.

2. Create an Account. Whatever app that you decide to use, you have to make an account with the company. Follow their directives and make sure you give them all the information and details that they ask for when signing up – this will make the whole defence procedure so much safer for you to work with. Once the account is set up create a dating profile and you get confirmation that you have been approved, you are ready to go.

3. Find a Location. Next, you need somewhere for that camera to actually go. Now, this becomes more personal as your own household is something that you will know best. Look around for key locations and try out some locations to see if you get the right kind of visibility at certain sections. Some locations will be more obscured than others, while some will have major blind spots. Find a location that allows you to easily set up the recording process and you can very easily begin to mastermind the whole process of watching your home with smart phones without the expenditure.

Another way you can watch the outside of your home is with security cameras.  The top security cameras all have apps for free that can record to DVR or cloud storage. Recordings can last up to 30-60 days so that you have footage of any crime that happens.  Best of all, burglars who see security cameras outside of a home at 68% less likely to ever try to steal something or break in.

Follow the above and you can soon find that home security is nowhere near the headache that it’s made out to be. If you have trouble in understanding and appreciating the challenge of home security, then go DIY and use these simple tips above instead!


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